• చిరంజీవి మృత్యుంజయరావు, శిరీష దంపతులకు, మీ గోత్రనామాలతో ప్రత్యేక పూజలు జరిగినవి. HAPPY MARRIAGE DAY మృత్యుంజయరావు AND శిరీష
  • చిరంజీవి REVATI SIRISHA,DADI RAVI KUMAR దంపతులకు, మీ గోత్రనామాలతో ప్రత్యేక పూజలు జరిగినవి. HAPPY MARRIAGE DAY REVATI SIRISHA AND DADI RAVI KUMAR

What is lalithapeetham

Welcome to Sri Lalitha Tripura Sundari Peetham We are a Spiritual, Cultural and a Social Welfare Organization established by his holiness Sri Tatavarti Appalaraju sharma Garu. Our intent is to make all of you to be a part of our initiatives and projects towards the enrichment of human life. Astrology: Sri Lalitha Tripura Sundari Peetham is an authentic astrology destination for those who are seeking assistance in astrological, Vasthu , Marital and Career issues. We provide productive solutions for people to help them out from their never answered questions . Our aim is to enhance the lives of who are facing problems and show them the path of God through native astrology. With this vision in mind, renowned astrologer Sri Tatavarti Appalaraju Sharma has begun LalithaTripuraSundari Peetham to lay his wisdom for help of mankind. Our team, following his footsteps consists of many expert astrologers pertaining to different schools of astrology, Vedic, Mythology and Vasthu Shastra.

Nitya Pooja: Nitya Pooja is one of the most prominent things each of us should be a part off. Our intent is to motivate and remind you, our responsibility towards worship. Once you are a member of Nitya pooja, you will be a part of our daily pooja through out the subscription period. You will be able to check your daily predictions to help you think better and reduce mental stress. We post the pooja live on our app for daily darshanam and aashirvadam. You can post any of your questions in our forum and receive solutions from our Guruji. Pandit Booking : Finding a good pandit who does the sastrokta pooja is never an easy task. We provide all range of pooja services by locating a good pandit in your area with just a click. Your satisfaction comes first. We take your feedback and inputs on the activity post the ceremony . These will be certified pandits with sastra and kriya perfection to make your event successfull and god blessed. Pandits can also register in our app to become a part of our organization after a mandatory screening process from our experts. Vasthu : We have a great team of Vasthu experts who can guide you in the correct path of Vasthu analysis. We also offer services on buying and selling properties that are Vasthu complaint and match your horoscope. Matrimony: We act as a medium in finding the appropriate life partner based on your kundali. We perform background checks to ensure you are meeting with the right families. Go ahead and register your profile on the Matrimony tab to explore your matches. Whats More ? Once you are a registered member of our journey to the betterment of humanity, you can refer your friends and family for which you will be paid a token of encouragement that will be deposited in your app wallet.You can use this amount towards utiling any of our services. Use this and Ask me your feature on the app to post all your sensitive queries to Guruji. He will revert to you with the best possible solutions.  EStore : We not only provide solutions to your problems but also created a medium achieve the solution. We persued a wide variety of Yantras, dollars, Spiritual articles, Gems, Ayurvedic medicines, lockets and rings. We researched and worked on collecting the best quality items for you. These will be placed in pooja and will be delivered to you with the blessings of the holy goddess. Community Service: We believe and Preach that Social Service in any medium ( food, money, education ) is the path to achieve salvation. We have been utilizing our time and money to help the poor/ old and needy through donations, educational sessions and creating employment since several years. You can use the Donations option to play your part in this sacred cause.Donations to Brahmins


శుభాశుభకార్యాలకు పురోహితులను పొందండి

మీ అవసరానికి స్థోమతకు తగిన పురోహితులు కోరిన వెంటనె లభించగలరు అవసరాన్నిబట్టి పూజా సామాగ్రిని కూడా ఎర్పాటు చేయగలం

నమోదుచేయడం వలన ప్రయోజనాలు

అదనపు ఆదాయమార్గంగా ఉపయోగపడును మీరు పరిచయంచేసిన వ్యక్తి లలితాపీటంతో ఎటువంటి ఆర్ధిక లావాదేవీలు జరిపినా కొంతమేర ప్రోస్థాహక ధనము

వెబ్సైట్ ప్రయోజనం

లలితాపీటంలో నిత్యపూజ నమోదు చేసుకోవడం వలన ప్రతీనిత్యo మీపేర అమ్మవారికి అర్చన శివాభిషేకం జరుగును మీ పుట్టినరోజున మీపెళ్ళి రోజు

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