Moles are their consequences

Birthmarks that can make the poor rich

Those who have moles in the following places have good ability and energy to make money. Those who are in the lower stage of childhood can gradually become rich. Millionaires who suddenly have monetary gains. Enjoy all the pleasures and pleasures of life.

1. on the right side 2. on the left side 3. on the right eyebrow 4. on the left side of the right eyeball 5. on the inside of the right eyelid 6. on the right side of the forehead 7. on the right side of the nose 8. in the middle of the chin 9. on the right side of the chin 11. on the right side of the throat 12. Right front 13. Right palm below the little finger 15. On either side of the wrist 16. Edala dowry on the right thigh develops with new intelligence. 17. On the right testicles 18.Pleas with moles on the right knee

Moles that cause sudden monetary gain

The forehead is broad and the mole on the right is inadvertently accessible.
Lotteries or inheritances on the right tumor can cause sudden monetary gains. The scar should be clear and bulging.
Do not experience pleasures in the right eye.

  1. Inheritance at the top of the throat can lead to money gain either as a kinship element.
    Winning in horse races or lotteries without making any effort on the left side of the right palm makes money.
    In the case of a mole on the right thigh, the property is acquired either by the wife or by the adulteress.
    Property is acquired by the wife when she is on the right eyelid. Or can make good money after the wife arrives. Access to money is gained through the adultery of those who do not.